NO-BOundaries Unveils Voyager 1

2024/5/20 20:26:19

A Game-changer in the Electric Bicycle Market

TORONTO, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- NO-BOundaries, the trailblazer in the electric bicycle industry, today unveiled its flagship model, the Voyager 1, set to revolutionize the way adventurers explore the great outdoors. This milestone is further bolstered by a recent $1 million CAD investment from Hongkong Infinite Cycling and an additional $700,000 CAD from two Canadian angel investors, a testament to the company's innovative vision and market potential.

Meticulously engineered to embody the perfect fusion of long-distance touring capabilities and off-road finesse, the Voyager 1 is set to redefine the electric bicycle market with its groundbreaking design and cutting-edge technology. In a world where the pursuit of health, sustainability, and freedom has become paramount in the post-pandemic landscape, the Voyager 1 emerges as the ultimate companion for those looking to embrace an active lifestyle while minimizing their environmental impact.

"At NO-BOundaries, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of electric bicycles," said Andy Liu, founder and CEO of NO-BOundaries. "With the Voyager 1, we have created a product that not only addresses the needs of modern adventurers but also sets a new standard for the industry. We are thrilled to introduce this game-changing e-bike to the market and inspire more people to explore the world on two wheels."

Voyager 1: 
Unparalleled Design and Performance for the Modern Explorer

The Voyager 1 boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart from its competitors. At the heart of this innovative e-bike lies a handcrafted, full carbon fiber frame, meticulously layered with over 1,000 sheets of premium Japanese Toray carbon cloth. This cutting-edge construction not only ensures exceptional structural strength but also achieves a remarkable 50% weight reduction compared to aluminum frames, while maintaining a staggering nine times the strength of steel. The result is a lightweight yet incredibly durable frame that effortlessly withstands the rigors of extended touring and off-road adventures.

Powering the Voyager 1 is a state-of-the-art Italian OLI mid-drive motor, capable of delivering an impressive 500W of power with a peak output of 800W. This advanced motor system provides riders with the ultimate combination of smooth, quiet operation and unrivaled hill-climbing capabilities, thanks to its 130Nm of torque. Whether navigating steep inclines or cruising along winding trails, the Voyager 1's power plant ensures a seamless and exhilarating riding experience.

To complement its exceptional performance, the Voyager 1 is equipped with a high-capacity battery pack, featuring 60 top-of-the-line Samsung 21700 cells. This advanced battery system offers an unparalleled range of over 100 kilometers on a single charge, providing riders with the freedom to embark on extended journeys without worrying about running out of power. Furthermore, the Voyager 1's fast-charging technology allows the battery to be fully recharged in a mere 3.5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between adventures.

The Voyager 1's suspension system is equally impressive, featuring a DNM inverted fork with 150mm of travel at the front and a DNM RCP-2S rear shock with 190x43mm of travel. This advanced suspension setup delivers unparalleled comfort and control across a wide range of terrains, absorbing bumps and vibrations to provide a smooth and stable ride, even in the most challenging off-road conditions.

Ergonomics play a crucial role in the Voyager 1's design, with features like a custom-designed saddle and an adjustable cockpit that ensures optimal comfort for riders of all sizes. The bike's geometry has been carefully refined to provide a balanced and upright riding position, reducing fatigue and strain during long rides. Additionally, the Voyager 1 comes equipped with a KS pneumatic adjustable seatpost, allowing riders to easily adjust their saddle height on-the-fly using a convenient handlebar-mounted switch.

Intelligent Innovation: 
How Voyager 1's Smart Features Redefine the E-Bike Experience

The Voyager 1 takes intelligent technology integration to new heights, offering riders an unparalleled level of connectivity and convenience. At the center of this cutting-edge e-bike is the advanced Central Control System (CCS), a reliable and efficient brain that seamlessly manages all of the bike's electronic components. The CCS enables riders to customize their riding experience, with features like programmable ride modes, real-time system monitoring, and over-the-air firmware updates.

Complementing the CCS is the intuitive NO-BOundaries mobile app, which provides riders with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance their adventures. The app offers turn-by-turn navigation, ride data tracking, and diagnostic alerts, ensuring that riders are always informed and in control. The Voyager 1 also features a built-in 4G network module, enabling remote access to the bike's status and location information, as well as secure locking and unlocking via the app, regardless of cellular signal strength.

The Voyager 1's integrated design philosophy extends to its innovative in-frame wireless phone charging cabin, a first-of-its-kind feature in the e-bike industry. This secure, magnetic charging compartment ensures that riders' smartphones remain charged and easily accessible throughout their journey, eliminating the need for external power banks or cumbersome wires.

Safety is paramount, and the Voyager 1 delivers with its intelligent lighting system. The bike features high-beam headlights with switchable functions, seamlessly integrated into the handlebars and surrounded by a stylish blue ambient light. The Voyager 1 also boasts side-mounted ambient lights, inspired by the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis, ensuring optimal visibility from all angles. The dual-embedded taillights, artfully incorporated into the rear carbon fiber triangle, serve as both brake lights and turn signals, providing clear indications to other road users.

NO-BOundaries' Mission: 
Empowering Riders to Break Free from Conventions

At NO-BOundaries, our mission is to redefine the electric bicycle industry by addressing the current market chaos head-on. We firmly believe that the key to success lies not in cutting corners or engaging in gimmicks, but rather in creating a product that truly resonates with our users. The Voyager 1 is the embodiment of this philosophy, offering a precise and purposeful design that delivers unmatched value to our customers.

Central to our design philosophy is the concept of "Less is More." By embracing a minimalist approach, we have created an e-bike that is both elegant and functional, free from unnecessary clutter and gimmicks. The Voyager 1's sleek, understated aesthetic belies its incredible capabilities, proving that true innovation lies in the perfect balance of form and function.

"The Voyager 1 has completely redefined my riding experience," says Sarah Johnson, a beta tester of the Voyager 1. "Its unparalleled performance and smart features have made every ride a true adventure, allowing me to explore new horizons with confidence and ease."

This glowing feedback from our test users validates our user-centric design philosophy and fuels our passion to continuously innovate and improve. At NO-BOundaries, we understand that our success is intrinsically linked to the satisfaction of our users. That's why we have made it a priority to foster a culture of co-creation, actively seeking input from our community to refine our products.

Ultimately, our brand is built upon the idea of pushing boundaries and empowering our users to do the same. We believe that the Voyager 1 is more than just an electric bicycle; it is a catalyst for adventure, a tool that enables riders to break free from the constraints of the ordinary and explore new frontiers. With the Voyager 1, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey, to embrace the spirit of "Riding Beyond Boundaries," and to discover the limitless possibilities that await.

Voyager 1 Launches on Indiegogo:
Join the Adventure Today

The Voyager 1 is now officially live on Indiegogo, offering early supporters an exclusive chance to get this revolutionary e-bike at a limited-time discount. The campaign launched on May 15th, and backers can choose from three stunning color options.

For our first 50 backers, we are offering the unique opportunity to customize the color of the bike frame and enjoy a 20-year warranty on the frame. This special offer is our way of saying thank you for your early support and belief in our mission to push the boundaries of electric bicycles.

To secure your Voyager 1 and take advantage of these exclusive benefits, head to our Indiegogo page today. Our official website is not currently open for purchases, so Indiegogo is the place to order and enjoy these launch benefits.

Join us in embracing the spirit of "Riding Beyond Boundaries" and be a part of the adventure with the Voyager 1. Your next journey awaits!